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From tea party invitations to table decorations . . . great tips for hosting an afternoon tea!

Posted by Leslie on

It's March! And it's snowing! And it's snowing! And it's snowing! As I look out my window and drink my morning cup of coffee, I can see the beautiful flakes falling from the white sky and blanketing the branches of the trees. Yes, it is very picturesque to look at through the window. But the blustery cold and sheets of ice have made this winter one of the most challenging seasons on record!

And thus, you can not help but think that it is March and spring is on the way! Yes, the white grounds will soon turn into colorful blankets of green grass and spring flowers. The sounds of birds chirping will fill the air. And the warmth of sunshine will be healing to the soul.

And so now if the perfect time to plan a party to celebrate the season of spring. Spring is the perfect time to send out party invitations to bring forth a baby shower, bridal shower or any special occasion!

One party theme that will be perfect for embracing the beauty of spring is a tea party theme. An afternoon tea is the perfect setting to bring forth a gathering of family and friends in an intimate setting filled with beauty and pleasure.

So whether you are showering a new mommy to be or a future bride, consider hosting a tea party to set the stage for a memorable event to be cherished for a life time.

Here are some great tips for hosting an afternoon tea!

Tea party invitations

When selecting a tea party invitation, be it for a baby shower or bridal shower, you want to make sure that the design incorporates the overall theme of the event. Creations by Leslie carries an exquisite collection of tea party invitations from different designers. Bella Ink crafts tea invitations that are sweet, whimsical, with just the right amount of sophistication. Odd Balls crafts tea invitations with water color images that are traditional and truly mood setting. Keep the customized text of the invitation cheery and sweet! Some examples of invitation wording for a tea party include:

Please join us for an afternoon tea

as we shower the beautiful bride (or mommy) to be!


Much more than just a tea

at our very special Sip & See!


The table is set for an afternoon tea!


Setting the tea party table

I LOVE this infographic on how to set a table for a tea party! Print this image out and use this as a guide. When guests walk into the room, the first thing they will notice at a tea party is the table setting. You want the table setting to be arranged properly, as the entire affair is evolved around the beautifully decorated table.

Tea party decorations

When decorating for a tea party, whether you are hosting it indoors or outside in the garden, you want to make sure to make the table the focal point, as the event will take place at the table while guests enjoy good foods and good company while savoring a delightful cup of tea. One very important tip is to use FRESH flowers as the centerpiece. The flowers will create a beautiful visual, add color, texture and a delicate aroma. Be creative and use tea pots or vintage cans for the flowers. Add layers of visual appeal with lovely fabrics and lace. Do not be a afraid to mix and match colors and patterns to create a beautiful contrast. For an eclectic vibe, go to a local garage sale or consignment store and purchase tea cups with a variety of designs. The tea cups can also be used as favors for the guests to take home.

As you can see, a tea party allows you to be creative and unique! With a few simple tips, you are able to create an atmosphere that is light and cheerful and filled with the beauty and warmth of spring!