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Twin Baby Shower Invitations

Creations by Leslie carries twin baby shower invitations that will surely help the expectant mom prepare for not just one, but two, (or even more) babies! Receiving the news that multiple births are awaiting is joyous; but may also be overwhelming, as now the parents have to have double of everything. There will be two mouths to feed, two bodies to bathe, and two diapers to change. The couple will need double everything, from diapers, bottles, clothes, strollers, cribs and more! So now is the time to relieve some of this pressure that the new couple may be incurring. It will be greatly appreciated to host a shower so that family and friends can not only express their congratulatory wishes, but also contribute to the long list of needs of the new parents. When guests receive a baby shower invitation for twins in the mail, they will be thrilled to receive the happy news and they will be prepared to buy not just one, but TWO of everything! To portray the theme, designs include double baby carriages, bibs for two, an expectant mother carrying two cradles, two peas in a pod, three peas in a pod (in case the ultra sound came back with three beating hearts!), and Noah's Ark. So help the couple prepare for multiple births by sending out twin baby shower invitations that are sure to bring on double the fun, and double the smiles!