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Seafood Invitations

Seafood invitations bring on many types of boils and bakes. Each type of seafood affair is generally influenced by its local region.

Crawfish Boil Invitations – used for planning a Louisiana favorite! Crawfish boils are so popular, that they have become an American favorite all across our country! Guests are sure to enjoy a bountiful feast of Cajun style cooking and the cultural traditions of New Orleans! They are perfect for hosting large events that are sure to be filled with plenty of spice! Fresh crawfish is generally boiled in a large pot with potatoes, corn and seasoning. Let the good times roll!

Low Country Boil Invitations  - used for bringing on a Frogmore stew to depict the coastal regions of the Carolinas! Fill a seafood pot with shrimps, potatoes, corn, sausage and seasonings. Let it boil and simmer. Strain the ingredients and dump onto tables topped with newspaper. Let everyone roll up their sleeves and lick their fingers as they help themselves to some scrumptious seafood delights. No utensils required! Add beer, family and friends; and you have the perfect ingredients for fun!

Oyster Roast Invitations – used to bring on a coastal feast where oysters are placed on a hot grill. This simple technique allows them to open naturally, and thus, easy to enjoy. Oyster roasts are extremely popular in the Carolinas during the chilly coastal months, when oysters are good and everyone can gather to enjoy the warmth of the coals.

Clambake Invitations - used for inviting guests to join together for a cookout at the seashore! Clams, lobsters, mussels, corn and other foods and seasonings are traditionally baked in a deep pit of hot rocks thickly covered with seaweed. If the beach is unavailable, a clambake can take place in your home or backyard. You may simply use hot coals on the grill or a large pot on the stove.

Lobster Bake Invitations – used for cooking lobsters the traditional way, on the beach or in the backyard! The result is great tasting lobster that guests are sure to enjoy! Lobsters are baked on a bed of hot coals. Other typical ingredients include red potatoes, large clams, and corn on the cob. Make sure to have large tables covered with newspapers and paper towels. Once the lobsters are cooked, simply serve all of the mouth watering foods onto table tops. Provide melted butter and sea salt. So good!

Crab Invitations – used for inviting guests to come crack crabs! Crab feasts are perfect for bringing on social events in which the crab is featured. The crabs can be boiled in a large pot; or they can be baked outdoors over hot rocks. You may even host the event in a local crab shack. A crab feast is sure to bring on a casual yet festive atmosphere, as guests mingle together and crack crabs over tables topped with newspapers and crab crackers. The most popular crabs used are Snow Crabs, Alaskan King Crabs, Blue Crabs and Dungeness Crabs. Serve with corn, coleslaw, potatoes and beer. Everyone is sure to have a crab cracking good time!

Fish Fry Invitations - used for hosting a laid back afternoon of fish, beer, coleslaw, french fries, tarter sauce, lemon wedges, and malt vinegar. Everyone is sure to enjoy fresh fish that is battered and fried. The type of fish will vary depending on the local catch of the day. A fish fry has become a traditional favorite in many regions of our country. A good old fashioned fish fry is the perfect excuse for having a large get together while enjoying the seasoned, crispy filets!

So no matter what type of seafood boil or bake you are planning, Creations By Leslie carries a plethora of designs to capture the tone of your overall event. When guests receive their seafood invitations in the mail, they are sure to be enticed to a social gathering where seafood is the central focus and regional cultures and traditions are embraced.