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Post Wedding Brunch Invitations

What Happens At a Post Wedding Brunch?

The post wedding brunch is a time to recover from the hectic pace of the wedding day with family and friends who you may not have had time to talk to the day before. It gives the bride and groom a chance to speak to guests individually and spend more time visiting with them than the hustle and bustle of the wedding day allows. Extending post wedding brunch invitations to wedding guests who have come from out of town offers them the opportunity to have a little more personal time with the newlyweds.

If the bride and groom have a destination wedding, the post-wedding brunch can serve as the official “closing ceremony” as the last in the series of organized events surrounding the celebration.

Who Pays?

Who pays for the brunch will determine the details of it, including where it will be held, what will be served and how many people will be invited. There are no formal guidelines for this, and everyone should decide what is best for their personal situation. In some cases, the groom’s family will pay, since the bride’s family typically pays for the wedding reception and ceremony. The post wedding brunch may be hosted by grandparents, a special aunt, or a good friend. The newlyweds may pay for it as the first event that they host as a married couple. If the wedding budget has reached its limit and just can’t accommodate one more event, you can hold a “no-host” brunch at a restaurant. If you choose this option, be sure it is clearly indicated on the post-wedding brunch invitations.

Who Should Be Invited?

The event is usually for the couples’ families and any out-of-town guests. Any other members of the bridal party are also typically included. You can include post wedding brunch invitations with your wedding invitations or send them separately. Be sure to ask for an RSVP so you have an idea of how many guests to expect. Keep in mind that if the wedding reception goes late into the night or the celebration continues after the formal reception ends, some guests may find themselves less inclined to attend a morning meal.

Where Should It Be Held?

If the majority of your out-of-town guests are staying at the same hotel, it may be a natural location for the brunch. In addition to being convenient, the hotel may offer a discount. Be sure to consider the hotel’s check-out policy when scheduling the time of the gathering. On the other hand, having a simple homemade meal in someone’s home is a less expensive and more casual option. However, using a caterer or holding the brunch at a restaurant leaves the clean-up and set-up to someone else.

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