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Place Cards

A Place for Everyone and Everyone in Their Place

The primary use of place cards is to designate a place at your event for each guest. For a more formal event, such as a wedding, you will most likely pre-print a place card for each guest and include one at each place setting based on a seating chart that you design once you have received your RSVPs. This allows you to ensure that your closest family and friends are seated nearest to you, and also helps you seat guests together who already know one another. By pre-determining seating, you can arrange your guests for maximum enjoyment of your event.

Another option is to pre-print place cards for your guests, but to allow them to pick up their cards at the entrance to your event and choose their own seats. This is certainly less work for you as the host or hostess and gives your guests the flexibility to choose with whom they wish to sit for the event.

What’s in a Name?

Place cards can be used for so much more than identifying a guest’s place at the table. Consider using place cards to display the menu for the event.

If your party has a buffet, place cards can be used to identify each dish. For events where guests have pre-selected an entrée, place cards can be printed with the main dish (e.g. Steak, Chicken, Fish or Vegetarian), and guests receive the card that matches the entrée they chose. The place card then lets food servers know which dish to serve to each guest.

Give A Little, Get A Little

Place cards can be used as a way to convey information to your guests, such as the event program or list of activities. Identify event sponsors on the cards or use place cards to acknowledge those who deserve special recognition for their roles in the event. For personal events, such as a wedding or an anniversary party, consider using place cards to convey a heartfelt message to your guests. You can share a meaningful quote, song lyric or poem. You can even ask guests to write a personal note on their place cards and leave them to be collected at the end of the event to be presented to the guest or guests of honor. They will become a keepsake collection of personal sentiments and well-wishes.

Life’s special events give us plenty of reasons to celebrate. Make your next event even more special with place cards from Creations by Leslie.