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Girl Baby Shower Invitations

Celebrate the Belly

Having a beautiful baby on the way is one of life's most celebrated moments! And it is with great joy and pride that women show off their bulging bellies. Creations by Leslie has lots of girl baby shower invitations showcasing mom’s baby bulge. A fun game to play at the shower is to measure “mom’s” belly, and have guests guess how big it is. The one who comes closest wins a prize.

Dirty Diapers

Poopy diapers are a part of life with baby, so why not have a little fun with it? Purchase several different bags of fun-size, chocolate candy bars--the kinds with nuts or filling work best--and a package of newborn-size, disposable diapers. Place one of each kind of candy bar in the center of a diaper, and put it in the microwave for a few seconds until it is soft and melted. Number each diaper, and then pass them around. The guest who can identify the most candy bars wins. The Love and Poopy Diapers invitation from the Creations by Leslie girl baby shower invitations collection would be a perfect introduction.

Couples Time

Showers aren’t just for women anymore. Many expectant parents have co-ed showers, and Creations by Leslie has an assortment of girl baby shower invitations featuring a couples theme. A game you can play with the couple is a version of 20 Questions. Make a list of 20 questions, including things like, “What do you think your daughter will be when she grows up?” or “What did you say when you found out you were having a girl?” Then separate the expectant couple and record each of their answers. During the shower, ask mom and dad-to-be how they think their partner answered each question, then ask the guests who they think is correct.

Lights Out

Many parents feel they’ve changed so many diapers, they could do it blindfolded, so why not let them try? Organize the guests into teams and have them diaper a doll while wearing a blindfold. Another fun game is Place the Baby on Mommy. For this game, you can take a full-length photo of mom, enlarge it, and hang it on the wall. As in Pin the Tail on the Donkey, have blindfolded guest try to place a cut out of a baby on mom’s belly. How about Feed the Baby? This is a game where blindfolded couples try to feed each other applesauce, and the first team with an empty bowl wins. Adult-sized bibs might be a good idea for this one. No matter what games you decide to play at the shower, come to Creations by Leslie for your girl baby shower invitations.


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