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Floral Invitations

Flowers are full of symbolism and meaning. In the Victorian era, lovers used floral arrangements and bouquets to correspond and deliver messages without using words. Each flower represented a specific message or emotion, and the language of flowers was recognized as the most emotional and heartfelt way to communicate. Floral invitations from Creations by Leslie incorporate the unique symbolism of flowers into modern invitations that you can customize with your own personal messages and information.

We have designs depicting floral patterns, gardens, and mixed bouquets, as well as styles featuring specific blooms. Choose poppies to signify loyalty and faith, narcissus to celebrate new beginnings, tulips to depict love and passion, orchids to convey beauty, roses to symbolize love and joy, or cherry blossoms, the traditional Japanese omen of good fortune and emblem of love and affection. Some designs incorporate butterflies, which signify rebirth and the start of a new life, or birds, which can symbolize the link between the heart and the mind. Whatever garden or floral designs you choose, the serenity of nature and beauty of flowers will delight your invited guests.

Shop our exquisite and unique selection of floral invitations. With delicate blossoms and lush gardens, you are able to capture and convey the significance of your special moments with beautiful designs from Creations by Leslie.