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Couples Baby Shower Invitations

Co-Ed Showers Bring on a Celebratory Atmosphere

Co-ed gatherings are usually less overtly “girly” and more low key than women-only showers. Including men in baby shower is the perfect way to involve the father-to-be in the upcoming arrival of the new baby. By having both men and women attend the party, the party will evoke a more celebratory atmosphere. When the time comes to order invitations, you can choose a design of couples baby shower invitations that features both parents to reinforce the idea that men are encouraged to attend.

No Frilly Decorations

A baby shower for couples usually doesn’t feature a lot of frilly decorations. There is no need to go overboard with cutesy and flowery accessories. The most important thing to keep in mind is to create a casual and relaxed atmosphere so that the guys feel comfortable. You want the guests to have a good time. So make sure to decorate so that everyone can mix and mingle while giving a happy toast to the new baby on the way!

Hearty Food 

Everyone likes cake, but many men will balk at tea sandwiches, fresh fruit and punch. Since the party will be attended by both men and women, you want to make sure to put a heavy focus on the selection of food items. Make sure that the menu provides a nice variety of hearty dishes to choose from. If you decide to ask guests to bring a dish, note that on the couples baby shower invitations.

Bring on the Competition

Competitive team games work well for a co-ed shower. Give guests baby bottles full of juice or even beer, and see who can drain the bottle first, without unscrewing the nipple. Have a diaper relay and have team members take turns running to a table and wiping, powdering and diapering a doll.

Tips for Ordering Invitations

When planning a Jack & Jill shower, it is imperative to conjure up the guest list by consulting with both sides of the family. Once the guest list is finalized, now is the time to shop for couples baby shower invitations. Make sure to include the names of both parents as the honorees. Include the date, time and location of the party; along with the registry information. When addressing the outside of the envelopes, make sure to include both names of the couple who is invited.