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Bridesmaid Luncheon Invitations

Bridesmaid luncheon invitations are the first step into planning a pre-wedding party that has been a delightful tradition of the bride for generations. Hosting a special luncheon in honor of the bridal party is the perfect way for the bride to shower her gratitude. It is a wonderful opportunity for the bride to treat the girls to an afternoon that is in their honor. It is a chance for the bridesmaids to be recognized for all of their hard work and support. Not only will they stand by the bride's side during the actual wedding. But they will have spent months standing by the bride's side as she prepares for her big day.

The bridesmaid luncheon invitations generally bring forth a more intimate gathering. The invitees typically include the bridesmaids, the maid of honor, the flower girl, mother of the bride, mother of the groom and any woman who has played a special role in the wedding plans. The luncheon my be hosted a week or two before the wedding day. It is recommended to send the bridesmaids invitations out a month before the event. This way, guests can make proper arrangements to attend the affair.

Unlike the name depicts, a bridesmaid luncheon does not necessarily need to bring forth an actual luncheon. Bridesmaid luncheon invitations can be customized to bring forth a garden tea party, a champagne brunch, a wine tasting party, or an afternoon of pampering at the spa. Ultimately, it is an occasion for the bride to take the time to give special recognition to the women who will be integrally involved on her special day. It is a moment for the bride to say 'thank you'. And it is a moment for the bride to spend some quality time with her favorite ladies during these hectic days of planning.