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Baby Shower Invitations

The style of the baby shower invitations will depend on the overall theme. The selected invites will surely convey the tone of the event and set the mood for a memorable affair. You will want to make sure that the design of the invitation portrays not only the theme of the party, but also the gender of the upcoming arrival.

Family and friends are waiting in anticipation to discover the gender of the new baby. Is she having a girl? Is she having a boy? Is she having twins? Or is she keeping the gender a surprise? If the gender is a surprise, everyone will have lots of fun playing guessing games at the shower. But of course, it is up to the expectant parents as to whether or not they would like to have the gender of the baby revealed at the ultrasound.

The gender plays an important factor when shopping for baby shower invitations and when planning the special affair. By knowing the gender, the parents can request gender specific gifts for the baby and for the nursery. But if they keep the gender a surprise, they will want to receive gifts that are gender neutral. (Once the baby is born, there will be plenty of time to purchase gifts that are gender specific.)

As you can see, whether the parents took a peak or not is an important factor, and will determine the theme of the design of the baby shower invitations. For your convenience, Creations by Leslie has created separate sections for each style:

Girl Baby Shower Invitations

Our girl section of baby shower invitations carries designs that are pink. Yes, guests will know to 'think pink' when they receive their invitation in the mail. Sugar and spice and everything nice, that is what little girls are made of!

Boy Baby Shower Invitations

Our boy section of baby shower invitations carries designs that are blue. This will let everyone know that a bouncing baby boy is soon to arrive! Snips and snails and puppy dog tails, that what little boys are made of!

Neutral Baby Shower Invitations

The gender neutral section of baby shower invitations carries designs of yellow and green which are perfect for showering the new mommy who didn't peek. This can be one of life's most precious surprises! The suspense of not having the gender revealed will surely make the last few months of pregnancy and the delivery much more exciting for everyone!

Couples Baby Shower Invitations

Although it is traditional to shower the expectant mother, many parties are now hosted to honor BOTH the expectant mother and father. After all, fathers play a big role in the parenting, so why leave the father out of the excitement and fun? Creations by Leslie has a section dedicated just for couples baby shower invitations.

Twin Baby Shower Invitations

And if the mother is expecting more than one, you may shop our selection of twin baby shower invitations. Creations By Leslie carries designs that exhibit multiple births. This way, guests will know to buy double of everything!

No matter what the gender of the baby is, it is obvious that babies are the inspiration for the whimsical collection of baby shower invitations at Creations by Leslie. A planned shower is a special day of celebration and anticipation. Choose amongst a plethora of beautiful baby shower invites to capture the significance of the momentous occasion. The designers of Creations by Leslie are thrilled to offer a product line that is unsurpassed, and the most sought after in the industry. Sending out personalized baby shower invitations allows family, friends and loved ones to be a special part in the joy of the new baby every step of the way; so start customizing your personalized card today!