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Around the House Invitations

Around the House Invitations – See the Full Array of Styles

Moving into a new home is an exciting and even life-changing event, and our custom around-the-house invitations are perfect for announcing the big milestone to the people you love. Throw the perfect shower, whether you've just closed escrow or have already situated the furniture in your spacious new living room. There are few things more exciting than arranging and decorating your brand new home, but who can afford all of the myriad appliances, furniture, accessories, accents and decorations?

Fortunately, you don't have to bear the burden alone. With your new home shower, you can enjoy a much-needed helping hand for purchasing all of the little things...and perhaps even a few of the big things. From coffee pots to wall paintings, from knife sets to area rugs, the sky's the limit, and it all starts with the perfect around-the-house invitations.

You can even make the shower fun and thought-provoking by choosing a household gift theme. Collect items for every room in the house, and see just how creative your friends and family can be. They'll enjoy the challenge of selecting a particular type of gift with a particular room in mind, and best of all, you'll enjoy a sense of style and uniformity in your new home. So think outside the box, and throw an unforgettable party with all of the people who matter to you.

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Whether you're throwing the party for yourself or surprising someone you love, you'll find the best selection of exquisite around-the-house invitations right here. Browse the full selection, and choose the invitations that really capture the spirit of the home and the personality of the homeowner. You'll find a wide range of themes in our inventory, including gardening, bed-and-bath, quiet cottage living and even room-by-room arrangements, just to name a few. All of our around-the-house invitations are gorgeously crafted, and you won't believe the prices. Shop for yours now.


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