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Around the Clock Invitations

Assigned Hour

When guests are invited to the shower, their around the clock shower invitations indicate a time of day. They are expected to choose a gift for the couple that relates to that hour. Friends who get the morning hours might choose appliances that can be used at breakfast, such as electric tea kettles, coffee makers, or machines to make juices and smoothies. Cookbooks are a great idea, too, as are breakfast baskets with packets of scone or muffin mixes, jams, jellies and gourmet coffees and teas.

Gifts for the hours surrounding lunch might include sandwich makers, dishes, his and hers bento boxes or other kitchen items. Later in the afternoon is a perfect time for tea-related gifts, such as tea pots and cups, serving dishes, bake ware, kitchen towels or aprons.

The evening hours offer many opportunities for gift-giving. China, silver and table linens are natural choices, but barbequing items are an idea, too. Night-time gifts could include sheets and bath towels, scented candles, soaps and bath oils. A gym membership is useful for any time of day, as are televisions, audio equipment and electronics.

Let Guests Choose

Some guests might balk at being assigned a time and would prefer to choose the time of day themselves. Use your judgment when deciding what to put on the around the clock shower invitations. You could ask guests to sign up for a time instead of assigning them. Or the around the clock invitations could specify times of day, such as morning, noon, afternoon or evening, instead of a specific hour. Also, keep in mind that some guests are more inclined or better able to buy expensive gifts than others, and have a range of suggestions available for people who ask.

Top Quality Invitations

Creations by Leslie can meet all your needs for around the clock shower invitations. Choose from several styles of clock-themed cards by popular stationary designers, such as Odd Balls, Paper So Pretty and Bella Ink. Printed with top quality materials and methods, your around the clock invitations will arrive in a little over a week. Order using Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express or PayPal.


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